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Apex is a comprehensive concierge medical program individually tailored to optimize your Health and Human Performance. Starting with a deep dive into your underlying Genetic, Physiologic & Biochemical makeup, we benchmark Neurocognitive Function, Body Composition, Cardiovascular Performance, Hormonal status and much much more.

We then layer in a Nutrigenomic and Immunologic analysis  with a comprehensive understanding of your Ethos, Lifestyle, Performance Aspirations and Health Concerns.  Armed with this comprehensive understanding we then engage with you on an annualized transformitive partnership to optimize your health and performance “assets” and minimize your “liabilities”.

We think you will quickly discover that Apex is not like any other medical or fitness program available today.   We invite you to learn more about the Apex program and how it can help you live a better, longer life and achieve your fitness goals.

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Apex was created to meet the growing demand of “high-performance humans”. Apex is designed for people who want to reclaim, extend or even surpass their previous levels of performance…


Apex’s physicians create an evidence based, Total Integrated Health and Human Performance Optimization Blueprint ™ to enable you to fight back against the previously inevitable declines…


Pushing your body to new limits to improve athletic performance  is your passion.  The Apex Athlete uses our comprehensive program to achieve superior results for both casual and professional…

Total Deaths from Heart Disease in the US Each Year
Number of Americans that Suffer a Heart Attack Every Year
Percentage of Americans At Risk of Heart Disease
Total Deaths From Cancer in 2016

Proven Programs For Optimal Health

APEX Health + Fitness Program

You are about to embark on a journey to transforming your health and performance levels by leveraging the information & resources Apex HHPO will provide you.

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APEX Athlete Program

Pushing your body to new limits to improve athletic performance  is your passion.  The Apex Athlete uses our comprehensive program to achieve superior results

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Meet the Doctor

Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC

Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC

Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC is the founder of Apex. As an interventional cardiologist who has treated thousands of patients for cardiovascular disease, instead of intervening late in the course of the disease when stents and bypass are the only options, Dr. Gladden chose to refocus on Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention. Coupling this with age management and integrative medicine led to the creation of Apex HHPO.  This multifaceted and comprehensive integrative approach has ultimately led to the effective arrest and, in many cases, reversal of heart disease.

The vision of Apex is based on Dr. Gladden’s personal passion for integrative medicine, age management, health and human performance optimization. He is actively dedicated to every participant’s success.