APEX Athlete
High Performance
Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT)
Cardio Pulmonary Testing VO2 Max AT etc.
MOXY Muscle O2 extraction
DEXA Bone Density + Body Composition
Athletic Genetic Testing
Telomere Length Comprehensive testing
Gut Function + Biome analysis
Cutting Edge Pre-Cancer Screening
Cardiovascular assessments and Rx
Oral DNA (Mouth Microbes)
Pharmaco Genomics
Special Services for Women (ThermiVa, ThermiSmooth)
Physical Assessments
Custom Training Recommendations
Max Pulse Vascular Testing (every visit)
Comprehensive Thyroid testing + Thyroflex
Food Sensitivity + Allergy Testing
Psychological Profiling
Nutrient Status Analysis
Race Prep
Race Fueling and Fluid strategy
Managing Oxidative stress
Race Recovery
Heavy Metal Testing
Insulin Resistence Dx and RX
Diabetes Dx and Rx
Cholesterol Management
Stress managment
4 Point Cortisol DHEA Melatonin testing
Neurotransimitter testing
Blood Pressure Management
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