Neurocognitive Function

Brain Function

We used to think we were born with a certain number of  brain cells and that as we went through life we continued to lose some every day. We now know that the brain is capable of regeneration, growth and adaption. In the future we will be able to grow smarter and more capable as we age. It can get larger and sharper if it is well cared for. Our Brian function is critical to all of us. It’s one of the things we prize most about ourselves and one of the things that we fear most about losing.

Losing Brain function can happen through a variety of mechanisms. Some are related to our genetics, some of the related to the health and integrity of the gut, some of them related to insulin resistance, some of them related to environmental toxins we are exposed to and some of them related to faulty activation of our immune system.

What can APEX do?

At APEX we assess Brain function and use our findings to create an integrated plan to improve neurocognitive function. We do this by supporting neurotransmitter levels, clarity of thought, optimizing hormones, improving arterial function, lowering stress optimizing intestinal function in addition to many others

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