Cancer Prevention

Work Towards Cancer Prevention

We used to think that cancer was rarely curable. We then came to understand that cancer could be treated but many times the treatment was as bad or worse than the disease. In the future we will be able to preemptively diagnose cancer and take action to irradiate it before it is clinical problem. Surgery Chemo and Radiation will  likely be used very little. The current problem with cancer is that it is typically  diagnosed to late. Typical screenings are imaging studies or rudimentary blood tests that require a cancer to be relatively large or advanced to be detected. Consequently  the cancer is already stage 2, stage 2b or stage 3 by the time it is diagnosed.

What APEX HHPO can do for you.

At APEX we utilize cancer testing that can detect as few as 2 million cancer cells, when the tumor is less then 1 milliliter in size, to small to be picked up by imaging studies and many times missed by routine screenings. In essence picking up cancer, picking up malignant cells before a person actually has full-blown cancer. This has been revolutionary for many people. The ability to identify malignant cells and take  actions to help kill the cancer cells and help augment the immune system to kill the cancer cells; provides an individual with an opportunity to beat cancer before it is able to cause harm.

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