Gut & Micro Biome

Gut & Micro Biome Health

We used to think that our bodies were predominantly made up of human cells and that bacteria were bad for us. We now know that there are more bacterial cells than human cells in our bodies.  When you think about the gut and microbiome, it is important to realize that 99% of the DNA associated with our bodies is non-human. Only 1% is human and 99% is bacterial, viral and some fungal. The vast majority of these bacteria live in our large instestine.

When we understand that, we begin to understand that we are eating for two.

1) we eat to feed our human cells

2) we eat to feed our gut biome.

It turns out that the gut biome is critical in how we process foods, extract nutrients, extract calories, how we detoxify, how we maintain the integrity of our intestinal tract, and how that integrity improves our immune system. Having an intact intestinal tract with a healthy gut biome improves our immunity to fight invaders, cancer cells, and decreases our chances for autoimmunity.

What Can Apex Do for You?

At Apex, we explore the make-up of the gut biome and the integrity of the intestine, and then optimize strategies to enhance the collaboration between our human physiology and the physiology of the gut biome.

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