Heart Health

Do you want to reduce your chance for heart attack and stroke?

We used to think that heart disease was a silent killer that had many times was only directed when a person had their first heart attack. We now know Heart Attacks are optional and in the future completely preventable. Unfortunately Cardiac disease is still the number one killer followed closely by cancer. It turns out that if we eat the wrong things, clogging our arteries is something that occurs right after we eat. When we eat certain foods, those foods will damage the lining of the blood vessels and set up an environment for the arteries to thicken and to be infiltrated with cholesterol and to become inflamed. There’s an inflammatory and an immune driven aspect of coronary artery disease that links together with other areas of immunity and inflammation in the body related to gut health and our genetics. These elements can be accessed and once accessed treatment plans can be put into place to arrest or even reverse heart disease in many cases. There are also numerous things that we can do to increase the pumping efficiency and function of our hearts, as we get older enabling us to function as we did years ago.




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