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Apex is a comprehensive concierge medical program individually tailored to optimize your Health and Human Performance.

Below are the action areas Apex can cover with you depending on your aspirations

Hormone Optimization

Balancing Hormones is critical to restoring and enhancing youthful energy levels, libido, sexual function, bone density, muscle mass, body composition (% body fat +  % muscle), cardiovascular function, and brain health. Enhancing or Replacing Bio-Identical sex hormones is vital. Even more important is optimizing the metabolism of those hormones. We take steps to ensure you get the benefits of hormone replacement and minimize the risk of any hormone-related blood clotting, swelling, bleeding, or cancer such as breast, endometrial, ovarian and prostate. Prior to even thinking about hormones we review your medical history, genetics, and measure comprehensive blood and urine levels of hormones and their metabolites. Many practices replace hormones very few do it with the attention we detail and precision we do at Apex.

Signaling Peptide Optimization

Peptides are powerful molecules that work by amplifying the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Peptides work in a manner different from a drug or a supplement. Peptides have the capacity to signal entire cascades of regenerative effects in the body by this amplification process. Not every client needs peptides but they can be a wonderful addition when the situation calls for them.

Diet and Nutritional Optimization

You’ve probably heard that “Food is medicine” & “Food is poison.” Both statements are entirely true! The question is which are you eating, medicine or poison? The foods we select drive much of our risk for cancer, dementia, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity and depression. Alternatively, the foods we select drive health, happiness, mental acuity, physical ability and longevity. Selecting the right foods for your makeup is energizing, decreases inflammation, decreases joint pain, ensures proper GI tract function, clears brain fog, improves sleep, improves stamina, and improves sexual performance.  Everyone I meet tells me, “I want to eat healthier but I just don’t know what foods are right for me”. Sure, kale may be great, but is it great for you? At Apex we only make food recommendations after we have analyzed your genetics, nutrigenomics, gut biome, Gut integrity, brain function, mitochondrial function, and immune system-mediated food sensitivities. Then and only then can you truly know which foods are right for you. Knowing empowers your health for your entire life!

Micro-Nutrient Optimization

Virtually everyone we meet takes a supplement of some kind. How do you know that it’s good for you? Should everyone take fish oil? Optimizing micronutrients like minerals, vitamins and antioxidants is essential in having your body perform optimally, but taking things you don’t need is a waste of time, and money. At Apex we look at your nutrigenomics, ongoing metabolic needs, brain function, current medical issues, activity levels as well as blood and intracellular nutrient concentrations to determine what you need to take and what you don’t. Only then do we make a recommendation on which supplements to take to compliment the foods to incorporate into your diet.

Blood Sugar Optimization

Diabetes is an epidemic in the USA. It is associated with dramatic increases in morbidity and mortality which dramatically shorten one’s health span. Unfortunately, by the time the diagnosis of diabetes is made it is frequently too late to turn it around.  Fortunately, the road leading to diabetes is typically a long one, and its name is “Insulin Resistance”. Insulin Resistance happens early on when your blood sugars are still normal, but your pancreas is having to work extra hard to control it. At Apex we test your blood sugar and the pancreatic function in multiple ways to identify whether you are on and how far you might be down the “Insulin Resistance” road. We know that just being Insulin Resistant is causing damage to your heart brain blood vessels and vital organs. Identifying where you are on this road to diabetes, before you are diabetic, gives you to opportunity to turn things around completely. We have helped many people normalize their blood sugars and pancreatic function and get of the “Insulin Resistance” road. The key is preemptive diagnosis and treatment before it is too late.

Telomere Length Optimization

Telomeres were identified through Nobel prize winning research as the time keepers for cellular age. Telomeres are the end caps on the end of your chromosomes. They shorten every time cells divides and when they get short enough they signal the cells to die or stop working normally. Either event is toxic to the body and depletes the body of normally functioning cells. When cells don’t work tissues don’t work and when tissues don’t work your body doesn’t work. At Apex we measure Telomeres about once a year and get three measurements of length. The mean length, median length and the shape of the telomere distribution curve. Between these values we can give you your physiological, biological or technically telomeric age. Research shows that longer telomeres correlate with a longer life, less risk of diseases of aging like cancer heart disease and dementia and higher levels of overall function.

Gut Biome Optimization

We naturally assume that most of the DNA in our bodies is Human DNA when in fact over 95% of it is Bacterial. When we eat a food, take a drug, or take a supplement we want consciously do it to do so optimize the health of our human cells and DNA, and we want to simultaneously cultivate the health of the bacteria that colonize us. The gut biome, the bacteria that populate the intestine, is a fascinating mystery of symbiosis that is being unraveled and better understood with every passing day. Understanding the status of the gut biome, and taking steps to optimize the health and increased variety of the bacteria that comprise it, is essential to our health.  These bacteria have a major influence on our immune system, detoxification, mood, tendency for weight gain or loss, and dietary cravings just to name a few.

GI Function Optimization

An optimally functioning GI tract (gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus) is essential for digestion and nutrient absorption. In addition, an inflamed GI tract causes molecules that should stay within the intestine to leak into the blood stream. These molecules can trigger immune responses and trigger or exacerbate autoimmunity (the body attacking itself). In addition, a “leaky gut” can be associated with a “leaky blood brain barrier,” which can induce brain fog and exacerbate cognitive decline. At Apex we analyze may facets of GI function and then make recommendations that are linked to optimizing GI tract function and integrity to optimize your global health.

Oral Health Optimization

The bacteria that populate our mouths have a direct impact on whether we develop cavities and gum disease, but they are also linked to systemic issues like the risk for cancer as well as heart attack and stroke. They also participate in a critical pathway that enables the body to generate Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a Nobel prize winning molecule that dilates arteries enabling optimal sexual function, blood pressure control, and cardiovascular performance to name a few. Many mouth washes indiscriminately kill oral bacteria and can actually result in a significant rise in blood pressure by killing bacteria critical to the manufacture of Nitric Oxide. Getting the balance right, killing bad the bacteria that cause cavities and disease, while promoting good bacteria to protect us from cavities is essential and readily done.

Nutrigenomic Optimization

Nutrigenomics is how our environment effects the expression of our DNA. Foods, supplements, exercise patterns, stress, sleep, smoking, infections, chronic inflammation etc., all effect how our DNA expression will be upregulated or down regulated and it has a direct impact on our health. DNA is not a simple blueprint of who we are. How our DNA is expressed can be modified and optimized. By optimizing how we manage stress, what foods we eat, the supplements we take and the exercise we engage in can be used to effect optimal gene expression. There are several areas that we focus on at Apex to optimize your DNA expression. 1) Optimizing your tendency to initiate and resolve Inflammation. 2) Optimizing gene expression to handle Oxidative Stress, 3) Optimizing the Methylation Cycle. 4) Optimizing Detoxification gene expression. 5) Upregulating Vit D receptor expression. 6) Optimizing Vit B12 absorption. 7) Optimizing Cardiovascular Health and sexual function. 8) Optimizing Fat metabolism and burning. 8)Optimizing your diet especially when it comes to carbohydrate consumption. Getting these right makes a huge difference in how you feel, and perform!

Being Fit = Balance, Speed, Agility, Strength, & Aerobic Capacity

Exercise is great! Developing the habit of doing something every day is essential! We intuitively know too much exercise or the wrong kinds of exercise can be bad for us leading to injury and excess wear and tear. Conversely too little exercise is makes us old in a hurry! Most of us work out the way we did when we were teenagers, wanting to look good. Having good muscle mass and bone density and an optimal amount of fat and muscle to give us a great looking physique is wonderful, but doing repetitive exercises that build muscle and strength by only working slow twitch muscle fibers leaves makes us look good but leaves us clumsy and slow with poor endurance.


How many 90+ year olds have you seen that were fast, agile, strong, quick, and with excellent balance? Sadly, very rarely. The consequences poor exercise tolerance, repeated falls, broken bones and a downward spiral of incapacity. At Apex we value speed, agility, strength, aerobic capacity and great balance. This creates a different kind of workout, but one that has you moving like you did in your youth: with confidence, safety and the ability to engage in activities not normally associated with someone your age. In addition, we leverage your genetics to choose the safest and most effective exercises while minimizing your risk of injury.


Cardiovascular Function Optimization

Heat Attacks and Strokes are still our biggest risk for morbidity and mortality. Having a healthy, young, and vibrant cardiovascular system means great aerobic capacity to hike, run, ride or swim or do as you wish. It also means great sexual performance for men and women. It leads to optimized blood pressure, reversal and or stabilization of plaque buildup and minimized risk of a dreaded Stroke or Heart Attack. In my former practice life, I practiced interventional cardiology, reactive medicine. If you got sick enough then I would see you. During that period, I had the privilege to co-found a heart hospital which provided state-of-the-art care in a never-before-seen patient centric manner. It is now one of the largest and best in the country. As wonderful as that facility is, my goal is for no one to ever need to go there. Essentially, I want to see it go out of business for having a lack of patients. At Apex we are no longer practicing reactive cardiology we are practicing preemptive cardiology. Early detection enables us to reverse the processes that lead to Heart Attacks and Strokes.

Cancer Risk Mitigation

You’ve heard the adage: If heart disease doesn’t get you, cancer will. The problem is that cancer is nearly always diagnosed too late. Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, but never Stage 0 or preclinical and rarely by Stage 1 when it can be treated and cured. Reducing the risk of cancer is multifaceted. At Apex we focus on as many of those facets as possible: hormone optimization, mitochondrial and ATP optimization, nutrient and diet optimization, immune system optimization, etc. The key however is to know, and know early, if you have a significant yet traditionally undetectable number of malignant cells in your body. We can get at this best today with the OncoBlot test and other tests are coming on line now as well. When we detect malignant cells, it has uniformly been a gift for our clients, enabling preemptive interventions that in most all cases have caused the OncoBlot test to show a decrease in malignant cells below the detectable limit of the test (2 million cells) on repeat testing. In other situations, it has led to preemptive surgery. Catching the tumor before it spreads. In either case effectively resulting in no further detectable malignant cells. Our stated goal is to diagnose and act preemptively to avoid the dreaded triad of chemo, radiation and surgery.

Bone Density Optimization

As we get chronologically older we lose bone density. A loss of bone density results in greater fragility and risk of fracture. Optimizing bone density is critical to robust longevity. Doing so is multifaceted and something we work hard to optimize at Apex. Diet Exercise Supplements and Hormone Optimization all play a role.

Brain Cognitive Function Optimization

My father died with dementia. It was tragic to see a vibrant, engaged, capable, passionate, optimistic and wise leader become a shadow of himself. He suffered with the knowledge that he was losing his cognitive abilities. It was devastating for my mother and the rest of the family. Loss of cognitive function is, for many of us, our worst nightmare. Optimizing cognitive function is essential and multifaceted. At Apex we are taking an ever-expanding approach to the preemptive diagnosis and treatment of cognitive and behavioral decline. Diet exercise, managing oxidative stress and inflammation, optimizing the integrity of the gut and blood brain barrier, neural hormonal optimization, all play a big part.


I’m convinced that if my father had been in Apex and implemented the plan we would have outlined for him he would still be alive and functioning well today.


Kidney Optimization

The kidney is a critical organ. I suffered some kidney damage as a 5-year-old when I had post streptococcl glomerular nephritis. Essentially, antibodies my body made to fight the strep throat attacked my kidneys and my kidney function has been borderline ever since. At Apex we test kidney function several different ways and work to optimize diet and supplement choices to ease the work of the kidney and decrease its oxidative stress. We are also hopeful regenerative techniques will soon be able to resolve the issue for myself and others.

Liver Optimization

The liver is a remarkable organ with a myriad of activities. Enhancing its function by addressing inflammation, oxidative stress, fatty liver high iron levels, gallbladder issues and etc. are ways we work to optimize this key part of your body’s overall system.

Orthopedic Chiropractic Physical Therapy Optimization

These are areas that may be specific to you. Our goal, in combination with diet, hormone, peptide, and soon stem cell optimization, is to create a coordinated and integrated approach with the orthopedic, chiropractic and physical therapy professionals already working with you to resolve these issues.

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Meet the Doctor

Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC

Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC

Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC is the founder of Apex. As an interventional cardiologist who has treated thousands of patients for cardiovascular disease, instead of intervening late in the course of the disease when stents and bypass are the only options, Dr. Gladden chose to refocus on Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention. Coupling this with age management and integrative medicine led to the creation of Apex HHPO.  This multifaceted and comprehensive integrative approach has ultimately led to the effective arrest and, in many cases, reversal of heart disease.

The vision of Apex is based on Dr. Gladden’s personal passion for integrative medicine, age management, health and human performance optimization. He is actively dedicated to every participant’s success.